Assembly of cylindrical bearings

The assembly of a SELFOIL® cylindrical bearing (type A or type B) is carried out by fitting the bearing inside a rigid cylindrical housing. The bearing tends to copy the housing shape, so the housing precision (dimensional, and shape and position defects) is of key importance in order to achieve an accurate assembly. The assembly should be done with a fitting mandrel. The bearing is correctly aligned in this way, and as a result the final dimensional precision of the inner diameter is good. The appropriate way to assemble a SELFOIL® cylindrical bearing is represented graphically in the next figure:

Before fitting
During fitting
After fitting

Data provided in this chapter have been calculated by considering a steel housing and a SELFOIL® bronze bearing.

Fitting of a SELFOIL® bearing is also affected by other parameters, such as bearing material (bronze or iron), housing material (steel, plastic, etc), bearing wall thickness, housing thickness, surface state, etc.
Tolerances of the SELFOIL® bearings after assembly fulfil the ISO 2795:1991 standard.

If your particular assembly differs from the standard examples described in this chapter, or to obtain further information about the final dimensions of bearing after assembly, please contact us for advice:

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